About Us

For the last two years, a unique and wonderful community collaboration has been growing in Kirksville.  The Northeast Missouri Inclusion Project, led by members of the northeast Missouri disability community, is a grassroots campaign in Kirksville to build a free, public, accessible playground where all can play together.

The philosophy of the Inclusion Project stems from the belief that disability is a universal part of the human condition.  All people will at some point be touched by disability, through aging, accidents or birth.  This new playground is designed to allow parents and children in wheelchairs to access all components.  It has components designed to support children with autism and other developmental disabilities.  The playground will be free and open to the public and is designed for all children to enjoy.

The Inclusion Project has joined forces with the Adair County Family YMCA and the Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability Board to help make this playground a reality.  The site is within easy walking distance of the public school campus and just over a mile from Highways 63, 6 and 11.  Playground visitors will be able to push a stroller, ride a bike or direct a wheelchair to the playground from the Kirksville city bike path.

To learn more about the Northeast Missouri Inclusion Project, contact one of our members below and/or Becky Pike at 660-651-5139 or beckyjpike@outlook.com



Northeast Missouri Inclusion Project members include: (front row, L-R) Mark Laughlin, Deb Wohlers, Becky Pike, Nan Davis, Terri Fechtling (with Chloe and Liana Carpio), (back row, L-R) Carolyn Chrisman, Carol Cox, John Buckwalter, Robert Dager, Terry Combs and Mary Carpio.  Not pictured:  Melissa Cline, Charles Comstock, Dennis Fechtling, Robin Gambaiana, Julie Lochbaum, Sara Lovegreen, Sarah Riffer and Mandy Wiedeman.

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